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Related Stakeholder Groups and Organisations

  • ACARE - Avisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
  • ATAG - Air Transport Action Group
  • ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
  • IATA - International Air Transport Association

Related studies and initiatives

  • ENVIRO.AERO - Information initiative on industry measures to reduce the environmental impact of aviation
  • AIREG - Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany
  • AERA PRO - AERA-Pro, FP7 initiative, aims at raising the profile of EU research in the Aeronautics sector

Related FP7 projects:

  • E-BREAK - Engine Breakthrough Components and Subsystems
  • ENOVAL - Ultra High Bypass Ratio Aero Engines
  • ERICKA - Engine Representative Internal Cooling Knowledge and Applicaton
  • ESPOSA - Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft
  • IMPACT-AE - Intelligent Design Methodologies for Low Pollutant Combustors for Aero-Engines
  • FIRST - Fuel Injector Research for Sustainable Transport
  • KIAI - Knowledge for Ignition, Acoustics and Instabilities
  • TECC-AE -Technologies Enhancement for Clean Combustion in Aero Engines
  • DREAM - Validation of radical Engine Architecture Systems
  • NEWAC - New Aero-Engine Core Concepts
  • CLEAN SKY - Partnership between the European Commission and the European Aviation Industry
  • OPENAIR - Optimisation for low Environmental Noise Impact Aircraft
  • CRESCENDO - Collaborative Robust Engineering Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation 

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