První brněnská strojírna velká biteš, a.s

První brněnská strojírna velká biteš, a.s

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Organizational Activities

Main subjects of PBS activities are development, manufacturing and selling small size high speed turbo machines of various kinds and nickel based superalloy precise casting. PBS consists of three production divisions and one management division. The production divisions are Aircraft Technique Division (ATD), Metallurgy (casting) Division and Machine Shop and Tools Division. In its 58 years history, PBS developed and realised on market many tens of small high speed blade machines such as APUs, small turbojet engine, helium cryogenic turbines etc. Testing capacities of ATD comprise test rigs for turbojet engine TJ 100, APUs, air conditioning systems, gearboxes and special tests (vibrations, temperatures), etc.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

PBS is focusing on compressor performance enhancement by means of Internal Re-Circulation (IRC) surge suppression.

Key Personnel

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