Office national d´études et de recherché aérospatiales

Office national d´études et de recherché aérospatiales

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Organizational Activities

ONERA was created in 1946 as a public research institute in the area of aeronautics and its activity was subsequently extended to space. Two ONERA departments are contributing to LEMCOTEC: The Fundamental and Applied Energetics Department (DEFA) mainly focuses on mastering the operation of propulsion system for aircraft, helicopters, missiles and launch vehicles. A large place is given to study internal reactive flows specific to air breathing propulsion (turbojet and ramjet combustor). The Physics, Instrumentation and Sensing Department (DMPH) is dedicated to the development of instruments and measurements in fields such as combustion, hypersonic flow fields, electrical propulsion and atmospheric environment.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

ONERA-DEFA uses its M1 test rig and auto-ignition test rig to characterise the different injector concept and combustor sector, in particular the SNECMA MSFI injector systems under operational conditions and to characterise the multiple cup combustor sector in stage burning configuration and sub atmospheric conditions. ONERA-DMPH studies aircraft environment and issues such as the impact of aviation on the atmosphere or the influence of icing or lightning on flight operations.

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