ERGON Research

ERGON Research

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Organizational Activities

ER is a start up company born in 2008 as supplier of highly specialised R&D services to develop and design innovative products, components and systems. Its mainstay is the integration between theoretical aspects and the most innovative simulation and experimental techniques in the aerothermo-mechanical engineering field. ER operates in an highly skilled engineering environment as link between the research and the industrial communities bringing into action all the experience of its founders. The society market deals with the industry, service companies and universities. The ER key personnel in the last years participated as PhD student at the University of Florence to the most relevant European research projects in the field of heat transfer and combustion in turbomachinery.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

ER will be involved in the design of the Cold Sector Test Rig (CSTR) that will be used by University of Florence (UNIFI) to perform experimental activities.

Key Personnel

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