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Organizational Activities

The capabilities within the Department of Propulsion & Power encompass a comprehensive portfolio of activities including analytical research, large-scale laboratories and educational programmes, covering gas turbine technology, turbomachinery & icing research, and engine performance & diagnostics. The department has established an international reputation for its advanced postgraduate education, extensive research activity and applied continuing professional development. It is strengthened by close links developed with the international propulsion, power, oil and gas and process industries. The Cranfield University Rolls Royce Performance UTC was established to undertake long-term research in the broad field of performance engineering covering aircraft engines and integration and other puplications such as marine and stationary gas turbines. The Techno-economic Environmental Risk Analysis (TERA) is a concept which was conceived by the Cranfield University Department of Power and Propulsion and is essentially a useful multidisciplinary optimisation tool that can quantify risks as well as compare and rank competing power plant schemes on a formal and consistent basis.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

Cranfield University leads the design and analysis of a model of High Overall Pressure Ratio Inter-cooled Engine with a Reverse Flow Core under the technical guidance of Rolls-Royce UK.

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