Fundacion Centro Tecnologias Aeronauticas

Fundacion Centro Tecnologias Aeronauticas

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Organizational Activities

CTA was created as a private non-profit foundation in 1997, promoted by companies from the public and private sectors of the Basque Aeronautical Field with the Basque Government and Basque local Institutions. The mission of the CTA is to promote all scientific research and the development of technological activities that might be of interest to industries working in the field of aerospace technologies. The Foundation has two operating units, one in MiƱano (Alava), dedicated to structural and vibroenvironmental test, fire laboratory, NDT test and aircraft systems and another one in Zamudio (Bizkaia) specialised in Fluid Dynamic Test of Low Pressure Turbine modules and components. The CTA in Zamudio is a fluid dynamics test bed (FTB) with an open circuit of atmospheric inlet and outlet, with continuous flow and with regulation capability of pressure/vacuum, temperature and airflow. The main FTB activities are the aerodynamic, aeroacoustic and aeroelasticity testing of lowpressure turbines and static components of gas turbines.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

CTA is involved in the experimental validation of the aerodynamic technology for low pressure axial turbines (LPT) for two shaft engines or Intermediate Pressure Turbines (IPT) for three shaft engines.

Key Personnel

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