Central Institute of Aviation Motors

Central Institute of Aviation Motors

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Organizational Activities

Founded in 1930, CIAM is the leading Russian Institute in the aero engine sector. Its activities range from fundamental researches of physical processes to creation, engineering and certification of new generation engines in cooperation with design bureaus, actively works with companies in Russia and over the world. The Institute has modern facilities allowing to perform numerical and experimental investigations at the world level, including 10 benches for testing combustor sectors, FANNs and their components in real operational conditions of existing and advanced aeroengines, modern measuring systems. CIAM has large experience in the development of combustors respecting environmental requirements. During the last 10 years CIAM prepared a number of original design and technology solutions for combustors and combustor elements (injectors, swirlers, liners, ignitions systems, etc.) in the frames of the Russian Federal Target-Oriented Programs. Currently CIAM is working on the creation of advanced turbofan combustor with high thermodynamic parameters and characteristics competing with international analogues.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

CIAM works on the PERM injection system providing a sector combustor rig and implementing the PERM Combustor Test campaign.

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