Bauhaus Luftfahrt

Bauhaus Luftfahrt

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Organizational Activities

Bauhaus Luftfahrt (BHL) is a non-profit research association founded in November 2005 by EADS, Liebherr-Aerospace and MTU Aero Engines together with the Free State of Bavaria. It is an interdisciplinary aerospace research institute with a main focus on integrated systems approaches addressing various aspects regarding fundamental physics, technology, economy, ecology and informatics. Different disciplines are covered by the team of around 25 scientists including aerospace engineers, physicists, material scientists, economists, computer scientists, geographers, cultural experts and social scientists. Amongst others, expertise is gained in the field of aircraft design and assessment as well as technology assessment based on profound physical descriptions.

Role in LEMCOTEC Project

BHL leads studies on the development of highly efficient hecto-Pressure Ratio (hPR) cores, i.e. cores with maximum pressure ratio over 100.

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