LEMCOTEC Technologies

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The major technical subjects to be addressed by this project are:

  • Innovative compressors for the ultra-high pressure ratio cycles (OPR up to 70) and associated thermal management technologies
  • Combustor-turbine interaction for higher turbine efficiency and ultra-high OPR cycles
  • Low NOx combustion systems for UHPR cycles
  • Advanced structures to enable high OPR engines and integration with heat exchangers
  • Reduced cooling requirements and stiffer structures for turbomachinery efficiency
  • HP/IP compressor stability control

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The first four subjects will enable the engine industry to extend their design space beyond the overall pressure ratio of 50, which is the practical limit in the latest engines. Rig testing is required to validate the respective designs as well as the simulation tools to be developed.
The last two subjects have already been researched by NEWAC. The technology developed in NEWAC (mainly component and / or breadboard validation in a laboratory environment) will be driven further in LEMCOTEC for UHPR core engines. These technologies will be validated at a higher readiness level of up to TRL 5 (component and / or breadboard validation in a relevant environment) for ultra-high OPR core-engines.

With high overall pressure ratios (OPR) in combustion and high bypass ratios (BPR) of un-combusted air will result in a wasp-waisted engine (with large diameter fan and small core-engine diameter) and thus require stiffer structures at acceptable weight. Materials for High Pressure Turbine components have to withstand higher Turbine Entry Temperatures to offer lifecycle benefits.

According to the key-technology addressed in LEMCOTEC, the project is organized in 4 specific sub-projects.

Whole Engine Assessment (Subproject 1)

In a system as complex as an aero-engine, the design of a sub-system using new technologies is heavily influenced by the capabilities of other subsystems within the engine. The role of the Engine Assessment is to ensure that the various technologies of LEMCOTEC are developed to recognise their potential when they are combined into optimum engines. Additionally, the Assessment has to ensure the best technologies derived from previous (and ongoing) research projects are applied, VITAL (FP6), NEWAC (FP6) and DREAM (FP7) for reference.

Ultra-high pressure compressors (Subproject 2)

Many new innovative issues arise when OPR is increased and core-engine size reduced. This subproject performs extensive aerodynamic and mechanical research and validation projects on axial IP and HP and centrifugal compressors. Its main objectives, among others, are to study the effect of size of the rear stage of an axial compressor for ultra-high OPR, to develop high efficiency, improved stability centrifugal compressors for ultra-high OPR, and to optimise HP and IP compressors for ultra-high OPR.

Combustor technologies (Subproject 3)

Very high pressure ratio engine architectures (up to OPR=70) covering a large range of thrust require new lean combustion technologies. Subproject 3 delivers and validates these technologies. Key-objectives are to reduce their complexity and weight, to minimize their impact on engine level, and to maintain pollutant emissions under control.

Structures and thermal management (Subproject 4)

This sub-project aims to support the LEMCOTEC goal of higher thermal efficiency. First it enables the construction of higher pressure cores within constraints on structural weight, cost and maintenance, and second it provides core weight and component efficiency improvements which can be directly translated into lower fuel consumption.

Coverage of engine types and market potential

The outcome of the LEMCOTEC subprojects will be applied to three generic engines, which cover the full spectrum from corporate and regional to medium and long range aero-engine applications. They represent about 90% in number of the expected future commercial aero-engine market. The targeted study engines in LEMCOTEC are:

  1. The regional turbofan with an OPR 50 designed for regional and corporate aircraft applications
  2. The mid size open rotor with an OPR 60 designed for medium range aircraft application
  3. The large turbofan with an OPR 70 designed for long range aircraft applications


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