Project structure

LEMCOTEC is organised in five sub-projects:

SP1 – Whole engine assessment will develop the detailed requirements and objectives for the other Sub-Projects and will assess the benefits of the advanced concepts investigated in LEMCOTEC, including any shortfalls and outstanding technical risks. In addition, SP1 will explore and survey innovative core-engine technologies at a low TRL to achieve further CO2 and emission reductions, aiming at a 2030 to 2050 EIS time frame.

SP2 – Ultra High pressure ratio compressors will develop UHPR compressor technologies by investigating aerodynamic aspects (efficiency, performance, loading and design of the compressor) and the mechanical and thermo-mechanical aspects (OGV/diffusers, VSV system, bleed off-take and optimisation).

SP3 – Lean Combustion for ultra-high OPR engines will develop lean combustion technologies that are required for ultra-high pressure ratio engines covering a large range of thrust to reduce pollutant emissions – NOx, CO, UHC and smoke.

SP4 – Structures & Thermal Management will develop structures, thermal management systems and cooling technology for ultra-high pressure ratio core-engines.

SP5 – Management and dissemination will take care of the project coordination, contractual management and all dissemination and exploitation activities.

Project organisation chart and lead partners

lemcotec decision making structure

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