LEMCOTEC in the context of European aero-engine research

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LEMCOTEC is a large scale European research and engineering project implemented under the Transport (Aeronautics) Theme of the 7th Framework Programme. It integrates the interests of all European aero engine manufacturers of the Engine-IMG and Europe’s leading research institutions and universities in the field of aeronautics providing innovative and sustainable technologies for the protection of the environment.
LEMCOTEC is continuing the efforts of past and existing EC co-funded environmental aero-engine projects in the field, notably EEFAE (CLEAN and ANTLE) in FP5, VITAL and NEWAC in FP6 and DREAM1 in FP7, to support the ACARE objectives.
In VITAL the foundations were laid for turbo-fan engines with very-high BPRs of up to 15. In DREAM open-rotor configurations with ultra-high BPRs of 45 to 50 were realized. The development of core-engine technology with OPRs beyond 50 (up to 70 and higher) remains the only way to increase the engine efficiency further and to expand the work commenced in NEWAC.

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